Hypertherm powermax 600 won't connect to thc

HELP!!! Anybody on here using a power max 600 on their crossfire pro? I just got my table put together and can’t find any info on the web on where to hook raw voltage wires, I get the positive goes to clamp side, did that and hooked negative to electrode (torch) but it won’t test fire. I know it’s something stupid I just don’t want to fry anything!!

That is for the THC has nothing to do with firing the torch.

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Bingo…the torch fire are different wires

I have a 600, give me a minute to find the pictures I took…

Note that I used white arrow and text for the THC torch hook up, which is the black wire as the white text is easier to see. Otherwise all text/arrow colours match the wire colours. What you are missing is the torch on/off hookup which are the orange and violet wires.

If you are using the old style torch I highly recommend getting the retrofit duramax torch.
I’m now using a machine torch but I believe if you are running a hand torch you may need to manually fire the torch once when first turning on the plasma cutter.


Thank you soooo much!!! IT WORKS!!! I was just so frustrated and was going to tap into the orange and purple wires, just wanted confirmation that my new toy wouldn’t go up in smoke lol!!