Hypertherm Powermax 45XP with CNC Port/Machine Torch Compatibiity

I’m about to purchase a new Hypertherm Powermax 45XP and need some assistance determining which model to get. I need to know if their models with the CNC port and machine torch (Hypertherm part #088116 or #088123) will be “plug and play” with the Crossfire table or not.

Reasoning - It would be convenient to just swap the machine torch out (leaving it attached to the table…less stress/wear on the table components) from the 45XP with the hand torch for other cutting tasks that don’t require the table. However, if I still have to do some splicing with the CNC Port/machine torch model,…I’ll just get the one with the hand torch and no CNC port (#088112) and save a few bucks.

Apologies, I posted a similar comment to a question in this forum section…but was hoping to get confirmation from someone at Langmuir Systems or possibly someone who’s tested their crossfire with the 45xp with cpc/machine torch.

Order #1357 (tentative ship date: Aug 13-17th ) :grinning:


There is nothing with the crossfire torch ignition system that is going to “plug in” to any plasma cutter. You will have to splice wires into the torch on/off circuit. That said, it is often a LOT easier to splice into those wires with a CNC port, you simply find the correct pins and extend those with jumper wires or a dedicated plug… I would imagine that if you get the non-CNC version and splice into it, it could void a warranty.

FWIW if it was my choice, I would buy the CNC version, then buy a hand torch if I wanted/needed. The CNC version will be easier to set up. If you ever get a different plasma table it will still be easy to set up again, or if Langmuir decides to come out with a THC and a powered Z axis it will be much easier to pull arc voltage from it…


I will state the I don’t own a Hypertherm , but in my research to pick the “Correct” plasma cutter for me and my table I’ve done a lot of research. In that research I have found that the units marked by the manufacturer as “CNC” units have an additional external plug/connector that gives you access to prewired points inside the cutter. That way connecting things like a torch height controller, torch start, Ok to start etc is easy. For the CrossFire at this point you only need to be worried about the torch start connection. The up side to the “CNC” models is that you don’t have to splice any wires inside, so you don’t have to worry if this will void your warranty, or mess with angry pixies if your not comfortable doing that type of thing. You just have to connect the two wires from the CrossFire to the proper pins on the plug end (see manual for cutter). In your case if you had a dedicated machine head you would have to unplug the lead to the machine head and unplug the cnc connector (plug). Hook up the handheld lead and you can cut by hand. Makes the switch painless and quick. For a shop where someone else will be doing the switch (typical 200 LB gorilla) it makes training them easy…unplug, plug. Since the plugs are all keyed they can’t get things in backwards. I’m looking only at units that have a “CNC” port on them in selecting a torch for this table, but that’s me (and I’m looking down the road to adding a THC to the system so I will be using some of those extra wires that the CrossFire doesn’t use right now)

I hope this helped some!
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i had a whole thread on this in the old forum. but basically there is 2 types of ports on the Hypertherm and they offer cables that allow the trigger circuit to be operated without having to cut into the existing torch. ill see if i can find that info again.

I am in need of this information also…I am uncomfortable with wiring and need all the help I can get in getting the Crossfire to light up the Hypertherm 45 hand held torch ( I don’t have the XP version). I’ll be surfing to see if I can find any videos of this procedure. If I find useful info, I’ll post a link.

Hi @yuma,

Unfortunately we don’t have a Powermax 45 available or we would post pictures of which wires would need to be spliced into. Have you read through the generic instructions in the CrossFire user guide? Link here: http://www.langmuirsystems.com/user-guide

When I bought my 45xp, I bought the one that came with 2 torches(088124), the normal one and the 15* one for gouging(and a CPC port). Figured I did a lot of heavy repair work and instead of carbon arc, I’ll just use the plasma, MUCH leas taxing on my old Ranger 10k. Then I realized how nice it would be to just leave the 15* torch on a plasma table and just swap the lead, clip on the ground and plug in a cpc cable. I knew there was a way to use the handheld torch without opening my brand new machine and splicing wires. Tons of late night web hunting and I found this post, literally exactly the info I needed, basically bypass all the safeties and make your hand torch, a “machine” torch. Then the computer commands the machine when to initiate/kill the arc, through the cpc port, as it is designed. Some may say this is dangerous, but if the torch lives on the cnc table, it’s no more dangerous than a machine torch, doing the exact same :man_shrugging:t3:. Bought a cpc plug from allied electronics, a dozen pins, 25’ of 4-wire control wire from mcmaster and an $8 pin removal tool from amazon. About $70 cheaper than the cable from hypertherm and the same thing(plus now I have spare pins and a tool). Being that there’s no THC on the Langmuir table, you only need 2 of the wires(fire the torch). But I got the 4 lead cable because I’m sure at some point I’ll either upgrade tables or add a THC to this one. Plus having the extra pins and the little tool, I’ll snip the cable, pop connectors on whatever wires I need and roll on. We’ll find out in 3-4 weeks when my table arrives whether this works or not :joy:



NTfab can you detail exactly what you did. your post has some good info. to be clear you did what they talk about in the image, you moved the pin and shunted the trigger. then you built your own cable for the CPC port. can you post some part numbers or links to the items you used? thanks so much.

See the pictures I posted on how I modified my machine. Hope they help.

Thanks Jerry!
I will take a peek inside my case this weekend.


Do you know which pin removal tool you needed to do this? I’m looking to splice into the torch lead instead of inside the machine.

So here’s the parts I bought to splice my torch and make my own CPC cable

The tool I used:


CPC plug

The cable clamp for the bck of the plug, that I didn’t realize was a separate piece

The control cable, if the link doesn’t work, the part number is 9936K12, I got a 20’ piece.

I’ve yet to shunt the trigger wires and moving the 6 wire to the 8 port, the wire is just a hair short to reach, so I’m going to extend it, literally needs like 3/8"


Awesome thanks will be trying this soon

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I used a remote start pendent for my Hypertherm 45. Just remove the wires from the switch and splice them to the wire that came with the table. Works perfect and I can disconnect my machine from the table and use it else where.

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The Remote Pendant isn’t required if you just get the Machine Interface Cable. I paid $95 for it free shipping. I will attach the wiring diagram as it is useful… Geen and black wires, pin 3 and 4 for torch start…Hypertherm 25ft CNC Machine Interface Cable w/Voltage Divider for sale (228350) - Buy at Welding Supplies from IOC - Based in Indianapolis, IN

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Just get the Machine Interface Cable. I paid $95 for it free shipping. I will attach the wiring diagram as it is useful… Geen and black wires, pin 3 and 4 for torch start…Hypertherm 25ft CNC Machine Interface Cable w/Voltage Divider for sale (228350) - Buy at Welding Supplies from IOC - Based in Indianapolis, IN

If you read above, I posted the parts to make your own cable for about $30-40.

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Awesome! Good info Thank you! I had the remote pendent and machine torch from a pipe cutter. Someone might be able to find the pendent on the cheap. just an option.

Can you message me and let me know what steps you took to do this. Have the same torch and looking for the best way to hardwire the harness. Thanks in advance