Hypertherm Powermax 45 THC Installation - Help Needed

Hi Everyone,

I have an older Powermax 45 model, not the XP. There is no CPC port, so according to the THC guide Langmuir has on their website I need to connect to my plasma cutter’s raw voltage (step 4). Is this correct?

I was able to find a post where an individual was able to wire directly to a Powermax 45 XP circuit board. However, it seemed like this circuit board was a different configuration than my older Powermax 45 model.

Has anyone installed a THC on an older Powermax 45 model that would mind sharing some notes?


Not sure if you got any answers…

When did you purchase you’re powermax? I purchased mine in 2013, when I talked to hypertherm last week the tech guy (I don’t recall his name off the top) said ALL powermax45 have the cpc port on the back with a voltage divider (50:1) preinstalled. It’s usually hidden under a protective cap. I’ll take a picture when I get home tonight.

Here is one photo of the back of my machine as factory, and the second is with the cap removed.

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Thank you so much for posting this about the CPC port being under the protective cap. I have been looking into getting a Crossfire XR and already have the Powermax 45 (NOT XP). In looking at what all I would need to get up and running I was really stumped trying to find a CPC addon for the 45. Not really wanting to buy a new plasma cutter, your post was invaluable. Placed a deposit for an XR today.


No problem! Glad it helped someone! I wish I had the space for an XR. It would make working whole sheets a lot easier.