Hypertherm Powermax 30 Air

Wondering if anyone is using a Hypertherm Powermax 30 Air with the Crossfire? Not being a g-code expert, I’m wondering if there is a way to compensate for the short (maybe half-second) delay between triggering and initiation of plasma stream, due to the compressor needing to switch on? I realize the PM 30 Air is not designed for use with a table, but really hoping this will work. Also wondering if the torch mount on the Crossfire will securely hold the PM30 Air torch, since the consumables are shaped a bit differently than other Powermax models?

Any concerns about over-working the on-board compressor?

These open questions are the only thing making me hesitant to pull the trigger on purchasing. Any thoughts/help would be most appreciated, as I really want one of these tables! Thanks in advance!

You can set the Pierce delay to whatever you want to allow your machine to get going. Pierce delay is the amount of time the machine stays in one spot after initiating the trigger and before it starts moving to cut.

There’s ways to pause the program while cutting if you’re concerned about over working your machine. Or you can breakup the cuts into several g code files and run them as you see fit to keep things in check with the compressor. If you’re only cutting thinner material you’ll be surprised how quickly you can make the machine move and how little time it actually spends with the torch lit. There should be a chart in your manual as to what speed it can handle for the material thickness and amperage.

I would have to see what your torch looks like but as long as there’s a flat area somewhere near the end of the torch the clamp will grab it. It’s fairly versatile


Thanks very much for your response, it is extremely helpful! One last question - do you know the thickness of the torch holder, top to bottom (the gripping part only, not the entire holder)? I’m hoping to compare that to the consumable segments on the torch head to gain some confidence that it will fit properly.

Thanks again!

It’s 0.493 inches


Perfect, thanks very much!

greywoodmills- New to the forum and was curious to know if you pulled the trigger on the powermax 30 air aloing with the Crossfire?

I have the pm 30xp and with fine cut consumables fine detail comes out pretty nice.

ottingdesings- awesome! based on the research i’ve done so far on Hypertherm Powermax, the 30xp is definately a strong canidate! I was specifically looking into Powermax “30 air” which has an internal air compressor…

Based on limited space, I was considering the '30 air" mainly cutting 3/16" steel plate.

If you’ve done much research on plasma cutter, you’ll soon learn that it takes a pretty healthy compressor to keep up with their air demands

@bricklet funny you should mention that… I went over to the project forum and was discovering ‘pretty health compressor’ will be necessary. You are correct regarding the demand air requirements of these plasma cutters! Thanks again @bricklet

@velaworks Yes, I have placed an order for the Crossfire table. I have already owned the Powermax 30 Air for a year or so, and it works great as a stand-alone cutter. I hadn’t planned on using it with a table, but took the plunge anyway. I’ll let you know how it works once I receive shipment and have things up and running.

Does the onboard compressor keep up pretty good? If so, i believe it will work fine.

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Yes, the compressor is actually quite impressive for the size of the machine. I haven’t had any problems with it, even with several non-stop runs of 8-foot length. I don’t expect to have any issues with it - other than having to adjust the pierce delay to be slightly longer than standard machines.

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@greywoodmills Thanks for the response! Going to place an order for the Crossfire table soon. Just on the fence of which plama cutter / compressor combo to utilize- Please keep me posted when you have this up and running… I’m impressed with the Powermax 30 Air has to offer… but, I may opt for the QST-30/60

Hi just wondering if you got the 30 air to work with the table and how you tapped into the torch trigger. Thank you

@Veetek My table arrived last week so I’m still in the process of putting it together. I am not yet at the point of connecting the plasma cutter, but I will post photos of the wiring once I have it running.

@greywoodmills I am interested in how you do this as well. I have a Powermax 30 Air and had the same questions as Veetek. I hope it goes well for you.

I think I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on a hypertherm 45 to replace my junk razorweld but my question is with the razor weld I had to wire a wire in beside the machine to be able to fire the mach3 program do you have to do the same thing with the hypertherm I’m assuming you do just not sure

Finished assembling my table last night, amd opened up my Powermax 30 Air to do the wiring. There are three wires to choose from: blue, orange, and purple. Continuity tests are inconclusive. I called Hypertherm tech support today and the gentleman on the phone, while very polite, was not helpful. Apparently they are not allowed to give out any information regarding “non-recommended” use of their machines. So I will try orange and purple, as another person commented in a different thread that these two wires worked for a Powermax 30XP. Will post here when I have time to try it.

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How hard is it to split open the gun? Might be the easiest way to figure out which color wires are connected to the trigger switch.