Hypertherm or Razorcut

I truly am back and forth between the two. Someone sway me one way or the other. Cost savings are always great. But another great thing, is reliability and dependability.

Sell me on one or the other.

I purchased the razor 30i with my table. I havnt had one issue in a year and i have cut out alot. You will see some negative feed back on them. Hypertherm always seems to be good feedback. In another year I may have something totally different to say about Razor. maybe not. From what I have seen on this forum is if you got the funds … go big and dont look back. If you dont have it go cheaper and go big later. I know this isnt swaying you at all im just saying my razor 30i has been an exceptional machine. A Hypertherm is on my wish list though…someday.

@chicago06sti I bought the razorweld 45 with my crossfire… after about 4 months, I stepped up and bought the hypertherm 45xp and I absolutely love it. I also had an 05 sti :rofl: both machines are good but in my opinion, the hypertherm is the way to go. I have nothing bad to say about the razorweld… it’s just my opinion

I bought the Everlast 60s when I purchased the table and had nothing but issues with it from the beginning. Although I have an Everlast Tig/Multiprocess welder and love it, I wish I would’ve done more research and gone with the Hypertherm 45XP.

Fast forward a few months and I purchased the Hypertherm 45xp and have loved it every step of the way. You WILL NOT be disappointed with the unit. From the consumables to the machine - it is such an upgrade. The cut quality with the fine cut consumables is just remarkable. The quality of the parts is top notch. The everlasting has a flimsy, flat torch cable and the Hypertherm has a work of art LOL.

I’ve used the hand and machine torch and they are working flawlessly.

It was absolutely worth the purchase. Now I have a green backup machine sitting around collecting dust.

I am a 41 year Hypertherm employee, retired at the end of 2018, however I still work as a representative for them on a consulting basis. Here are good reasons to spend more $$ upfront for a Hypertherm unit.

  1. Hypertherm designs and engineers its systems (Plasma cutters from 30 to 800 Amps output) in its state of the art facilities in Hanover and Lebanon NH. 2. It’s torches and power supplies are designed to work together in order to optimize cut quality and consumable parts life. (as an example, the Razorcut power supplies are built by one company, torches are from another source, and often are copies of older technology designs) 3. Hypertherm systems have close to an 80% market share on CNC machine applications worldwide, this is not because Hypertherm systems are the lowest cost (they are not!), but because of their cut quality, consumable life, reliability , and factory based customer support. 4. Hypertherm holds around 150 patents related to cut quality, consumable life, power supply and gas flow design, torch design, etc. They do not wait until competitors design something…then copy the technology! 5. Hypertherm manuals (for systems of 45 amps and larger) have detailed pages with all cutting parameters for material type and thicknesses. Pierce height, cut height, arc voltage, cut speed, pierce delay, amperage, etc. are all developed for you. The Powermax65 and 85 as an example have over 30 pages of cut specs that help you produce cut quality and consumable parts life without experimenting. 6. Expect to pay more at the welding supply store for genuine Hypertherm torch consumable parts, also, expect them to last dramatically longer (using the recommended Hypertherm cut specs) which results in lower operating cost (cost per foot of cut). Over time the higher price of the system and consumables turns into lower cost of ownership. 7. Did I mention that Hypertherm is a 100% employee owned company? This means that the people that design, engineer, support, sell Hypertherm systems (around 1800 associates worldwide) own 100% of the company. There are no stockholders outside of the company (that know little about plasma cutting) that take away profits in the form of dividends, rather, profits go to employees retirement accounts as well as to research and development and engineering products to ensure the reputation of quality is maintained.

Honestly, I think the Razorcut systems are an excellent value in terms of design and performance (yes, I have used them as I have used many brands of plasma cutters on my home shop cnc machine). There is a difference in performance, duty cycle, cut quality, consumable life. If low price is your primary criteria for buying a plasma cutter, then the Razorcut is one choice (though there are dozens of brands that are even lower cost). If long term use, support, and low operating cost are more important to you then Hypertherm is a great choice. (there are other premium brands as well, though all share a much smaller slice of the cnc plasma cutting market as compared to Hypertherm. Jim Colt

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