Hypertherm consumables selection handheld or machine torch

I have an older 1250 with the retro Duramax hand torch. Since it’s being used as a mechanized torch should I use the handheld or machine torch consumables listed on Hypertherms site? I have searched the web and even tried to zoom in on pictures to see what consumables people are using and can’t find an answer to what I should be using.

Use the machine torch Shield. You don’t want to use the drag cutting shield. All the internal consumables will be the same. (You probably know that already though)

If you use the drag shield you will either cut too high, or drag the torch on the work piece. You won’t be happen with either situation.

Thanks for the help. I wasn’t aware that the internals were the same for the two torches.

Just to make sure I didn’t misunderstand you. Are you using a machine torch? Or attaching your hand torch to the plasma table.

I’m using a hand torch on the table.

Ok good. That’s what I thought you meant. You’ll just need the machine torch shield.

In my case I have a dedicated machine torch on the table. It’s a duramax Torch. My hand torch is what came with the Powermax 45. They use different consumables.

I have the same 1250 with the retro hand torch. You just need to change to the mechanized shield everything else is the same