Hypertherm 65 powermax and THC needs

Just purchased a used Powermax 65 with CPC port and Hypertherm machine torch and was curious if I buy Langmuirs plug and play Hypertherm cables along with the Langmuir THC kit, do I need to buy a Hypertherm voltage divider as well to get running? Wasn’t sure if I could connect Langmuirs Plug and play cables with the THC kit and be done or not.

Let me know if you need more info to answer this question, thanks in advance!

My powermax 65 with CPC from several years ago came with the voltage divider, it was even defaulted to the 50::1.

You may already know this, but for the CPC to work plug & play you need the machine torch.

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Ahh, i just cracked the manual again and saw the VD was located inside the power unit. I was thinking it was a seperate unit …and you are 100% correct on the 50:1 default from the factory. Thank you for the clarification!

What did u ever find out about this? Have the same setup and my used Pro came with THC on the main board but nothing else. Not quite sure if a VIM and other cables are needed.