Hypertherm 45xp with cable

I was reading through the install guide and i seems to suggest that to be able to use the 45xp with the THC and Cable, you have to have the machine torch. Has anyone used it with the 90-degree hand torch?

I believe some are, but you have to crack open the torch to alter the wiring I think.

Machine torch is totally worth it. I love mine.

The hand torch isn’t meant to be fired through the cnc port although it can be done by moving a couple pins around in the back of the machine.

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ok so if i order the machine torch, will it work with the mount supplied with the crossfire pro?

If you ordered the machine torch mount it will.

The torch holder that come with it is for a hand torch but they do sell the machine torch mount separately.
I’ve made machine torch mounts on the milling machine and have 3d printed parts to make them but for 75 bucks its not that bad of a price.
I also use the mini machine torch on both my tables and I like them better just for the size other then that they use the same consumables and work the same.