How to mount the Plasmadyn X45 torch head

I have the Titanium 45 plasma machine and I’m not even sure I’ve had the stock hand torch mounted properly. I sorta pinched right at the tip and it seemed to barely have much to hold onto. I ordered the Plasmadyn X45 head and it looks like it has a bigger straight body so I also ordered the machine torch holder as well for a more stable hold. Can anyone post photos of where to place it in the mount?
Does the bottom side go around the shield cup?
Photos would be appreciated!

This should help. You want to avoid clamping where the consumables are housed (statement repeated!!!) :wink::

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This photo from the XR assembly guide really needs to be updated. This maybe causing customer torch malfunctions.


What’s wrong with this photo? That bottom part of the clamp needs to be up on the chrome area?
is there enough height with the Z-axis to mount up that high?

The machine torch mount should have 3 holes to configure your clamp to where you need.

You can get a glimpse of the extra hole in this picture


X45 machine torch with titanium on my crossfire pro, running this for four years now. Don’t need to crank the lower torch mount screws down either, just snug.


Ah, it looks like you couldn’t get the entire mount on only the chrome part anyway?

No problem. Just don’t tighten down on the bottom clamp—just SNUG. I just installed a Beck’s Armory laser line torch mount on my machine. It is very similar to the Langmuir one that you have. The only drawback is I now cannot use my silicone cup shield. I sure love it, though.


You can flip the torch mount end for end and clamp on just chrome of torch if you want, I didn’t because works fine as is, don’t crank down on lower torch clamp screws won’t have a problem…


Officially on the to-do list, thanks for bringing this to my attention!