How To Keep The Water Table From Freezing

Does your heating pad say “can only be installed on Non-conductive surfaces” too? Haha, here goes nothing.

Yes, lol. I would think the main reason for this is if the pad somehow were to short out and an exposed wire touched a conductive surface that an issue may arise from that.

Here’s something that might fit the build a waterbed heater, 120 volt w/adjustable state.

I put 5 gallons of RV anti freeze in the table last week.
Seems like the best solution to me.
You can smell it when you open the shop up.

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Keeping the shop heated would help. I use plain water in all my water coolers for my tig welders (because I don’t want the my animals around antifreeze) I keep it between 55 and 60 all winter. Its also better on the welders, plasma cutters and electronic to keep them warm.

My set up is similar. A temp controller with a barbecue coal starter… Keeps the chicken water from freezing as well. Lol

Like your idea as nothing in the water.

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