How to find Raw Voltage

I am stuck at getting the correct Raw Voltage from the Plasma torch.

Manual torch fire works fine.
I can do a “straight cut” without THC enabled fine.

I have a couple plasma torches that I would like to be able to hookup and was wondering if there was a general procedure to locate the wires that would produce the DC voltage necessary for the VIM input?

On the plasma board there is a “OUT +” which goes to the ground and and “OUT -” which goes to the torch, but when I put a MM on them and pull trigger…no voltage.

My dad has a older P-Tron 75 and my brother has a newer CUT50L (low frequency, not like the HF Cut50) that I have been doing the current testing on.

In order to see raw voltage on mine, I had to have air supplied to my plasma cutter. There is a pneumatic safety switch on mine that won’t enable the voltage if there is no air supplied to the unit.

After realizing I forgot to probe the last combination of wires, I got the correct voltage reading from the pilot arc post and the torch.