How to find Raw Voltage

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Yes, i can get dc voltage.

Here is when torch is on

Thank you, for your time uploading the pictures, actually i didnt understan the cables. but it looks almost the same pcb board as mine, check this out., tomorrow i´m going to check the white port named P4

There a 4 wires coming out of the front of my machine 2 white wires, red and a black. In one pic you can see both the white wires saddled on and the black wire connected. The red wire is on a double-spade clip on the board. The plasma ports on yours look in a different spot coming out the front so pay attention to that and I have a different THC module.

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Here is the plasma cutter high frequency points in the orange circle.
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Wow, thanks… tthere is no any interference working with this plasma on my cnc. And do you know what is it called? when cutting there is small spark in that area, so probably there will be a replacement part for that?

You can not replace the HF points. They are what fires the arc of the plasma cutter for it to cut. The black unit with the red wire next to the points is called a flyback transformer and is what loads up energy and sends it to the points, then to the torch creating the spark between the electrode and cutting tip.


Thank you so much for your information, i’m a little confuse because what i read is that a HF plasma will interferes with any electronics around, as i said before this plasma has been working for a year without any issues on my cnc table and the other thing is that i can get DC voltages form two ports.

The Raw Voltage is not available on the plasma board and is not necessary for the VIM input. The VIM input is powered by the plasma torch’s + and - output terminals.