How to find and close gaps

I don’t use Fusion 360 enough to be proficient with it or keep up with the changes. I am currently trying to select contours for cutting and this N letter is giving me fits. I know there is a gap somewhere, but I cannot find it.

What are the tips and tricks for doing this? Will extruding the design first help?

I previously had the Fill Gaps extension installed, doesn’t seem to be working with the current version of Fusion.

I use the divide and conquer method. Draw lines across it and you can isolate where the gap is. @TinWhisperer has done videos on this. Click on his user and you will see links to videos. Or look at this on the autodesk blog.

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If I had to guess, the corner where the two arrows are pointing opposite directions. (About 12 o’clock in the second screenshot.)

Post your F3D file or the DXFs or the SVG. I’m sure we can find it.

There’s new options in manufacturing selection that might help you overcome this as well.

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Thanks all, interested in the new options as there are other areas of the file that have the same issue. Attached is the dxf.

USArmy.dxf (188.2 KB)

I ll start in about five minutes. I think a few people maybe interested in this work flow

us army example manufacture test v1.f3d (449.3 KB)

Now it seems to be able to ignore the broken line segments when generating a tool path.

Please experiment with Fusion’s CAM and see if you can find any new options too. Some things are Improving with all these updates.


Lets try a workflow that separates the single line and close contours tool paths



I learned more from this short video than the few years I’ve been using Fusion! All the times I was selecting individual components to cut, never knowing I could simply select the entire sketch.

Thank you!

Will be watching the second video shortly.