How to cut a single line

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Langmuir sells them

or look up George on here and send them a email or a DM @mechanic416 .

The dryer the air the longer here mobiles will last. And the cooler you can keep your torch longer the consumables will last.
Pierces eat up consumables.
It’s really more to do with how many pierces you get per set of consumables then length of cutting time or amount of pieces per.

The deflector and the swirl ring will need to be replaced time to time, just give these things a very good inspection and make sure all their holes are cleared and not deformed.
The electrode nozzle should be replaced as a set (typically) and they are the more most changed consumables.

I’m just assuming it’s the X45 torch you have.

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Yes I have the Razorweld 45 with the hand torch, I will look these up. Thanks again.

Also I have an 3 stage air dryer/separator system set up that came from eastwood. I have hoped it will be sufficient.

There’s a lot of variables when it comes to how dry your air is.

I would always be scrutinizing your air system.

This is the standard you should maintain.

ISO 8573-1
Class 1.2.2

I have a Active after cooler, a refrigerated air dryer, a desiccant cell and a dry air storage tank and there’s a few different separators and collessors in there.

Now that the weather is beginning to warm there will be much more water vapor in the air and problems are going to start happening more frequently.


My system has a water separator, air filter, and a desiccant cell, I also have a extra air compressor tank after the air compressor. I have thought about getting a actual air dryer eventually.