How to change retraction height between cuts?

I’m progressing on my learning and test cuts using Fusion 360 and Firecontrol. I would like to not have the machine torch retract all the way to the top (probably 3 inches) between cuts as this greatly extends the total time if I am going to do a large piece with lots of cuts.

I’ve played around unsuccessfully with various height settings in the 2D profile “height” tab, but they do not seem to make any difference. What should I be doing to have the torch cut, then retract 1/2 inch, then cut, then retract 1/2 inch, etc?

You set the retract height in the post processing screen where the pierce and cut height is set.

The post processor adds a 1" retract after each cut loop. It should not be retracting all the way to the top after each cut.