How straight are your cuts?

Wondering if its normal to get a bit of a wave to your cut? I was attempting to make a 2x4ft fixture table after seeing the new release by Langmuir and noticed the ribs that I was cutting for under the table were not perfectly flat but rather in a wave shape. Over the span of 32" I was getting around a 1/32 - 1/16 gap in some spots.

I am able to reproduce the same wave if I cut in the same area of the gantry tube. 3 cuts stacked ontop of one another produce the same low and high spots. Although when I hold my straight edge up to the tube itself it looks just fine, so thats somewhat confusing.

Is this to be expected with the gantry tube being made from square tubing?

Hypertherm 45xp with brand new consumables and THC.

I have this happening as well. Someone else had a post recently too, same thing. I believe he found that his x axis had a low spot. I’m trying to figure out how to compensate for this, maybe a whole new x axis…

Same thing happened to me on longer cuts. I thought maybe there was some play in the torch gantry. As the torch moves across the x axis the stress from the cables moving might cause the torch gantry to flex and create a slight wave. everything seemed to be in tolerance on mine. but its something to check.

Glad to hear im not the only one. Im just kind of thinking that the tube isnt perfect. Though im not seeing any huge gaps with my straight edge. You’d think that you would be able to follow the gaps to the tube if this was the case. I am going to take a good look at my bearings and wiggle the shit out of the torch.