How much does a 4 ft x 8 ft sheet weigh?

Can someone tell me how much a 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 inch sheet of mild steel weigh? Thanks

Found it. Wow! It’s heavy.

1/8 inch approx 163.3 lbs

1/4 approx 326.6 lbs

3/8 approx 489.9 lbs

I can tell you that I weld a large nut (1/2" will work but 3/4-1" is better) to the 1/4" plate Use a bolt and chain (larger dia nuts you can run the chain through without a bolt) on an engine hoist to lift them out of the truck, move them around and load 1/4 sheets or bigger onto the table. I recommend wearing steel toe shoes when working with these sheets. Your toes and back will thank you.


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I will have to have my sheets pre-cut since I only have a compact car trunk. with the back seats down. I will have my 4 ft by 8 ft sheets cut to 4 ft by 3 ft and 1 ft by 4 ft sections. I have to unless I want to rent a truck. The things I will cut should fit on a 4 x 3 ft piece of metal. Perfect size for the water table bed.

3@32” may be more efficient unless you have a need for the 1’
drops. That’s how I have my material saved in sheetcam, I’ll lay out 3 different tap files for a full sheet.

Great idea! Did not think of that dimension. That is perfect! I am ordering sheets tomorrow and I will have them cut to that dimension. I was already planning on them doing 2 cuts to each sheet anyway!