How much coolant?

Tried searching around, but no luck. My machine is arriving Friday, I never ordered coolant, but realized, my work uses machine coolant (Tower SAF-T-Cool 451) in the CNCs here.

Wondering if I just buy some off work here would be nice and easy and get it to me since the Fusion 2240 is out a few weeks on delivery.

Any one know how much I would need to grab to use in the machine? I cant find the capacity of the coolant system at all.

Nevermind. I found it on the coolant order page. 15 gal coolant tank for anyone who searches in the future.

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you only need a gallon of concentrate tho will make 10 gallons at 10%, many run closer to 7 or 8% will make a little more. Your coolant may require a different concentration but pretty sure they are all similar.


I run Mobilcut 100 at 5-7%. Lubricates very well, doesnt smell, zero rust, good for just about all metal, no staining aluminum or and safe for bronze or copper alloys. My coolant tank tops off at 12 gallons.

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