How many gallons?

How many gallons of fluid will the PRO hold? I’m going to order my greencut fluid soon so it’s here when I get my machine.

I ran 5g in my reg Crossfire but it holds 8g, so I guess the pro holds 16~. I’ll likely run 12g in the Pro which is just over 2L of GreenCut per Lubecorp dilution recommendation.

If anyone isn’t aware, rjwindustrial is in Pennsylvania and sells GreenCut. Cheaper than paying the Customs fee ordering direct.


Good to know on the greencut. Thanks for the info!

Is anyone else planning on adding the circulation pump and filter per Greencut’s specs? I got everything for the standard table and put that on hold when I ordered the Pro.

I drain my fluid into a tank and pump it back into the water table so I don’t think circulation is necessary.

Are you filtering it? Or how are you getting the sediment out?

A lot of times I will wait a bit before draining and let it settle out in the water table. When it dries i use a shop vac to clean. I don’t see any problems with sediment otherwise. I don’t know what it’s going to hurt

I’m not sure it hurts anything until there’s too much of it. I noticed a big difference with the green cut vs without so I was following their specs even though I know they are typically making recommendations for large tables with bladders etc. We use our table regularly but have only had it since august, so I am curious what others were doing. Especially before I make modifications with the new table.

I’m not sure where but I posted pictures of my tank setup. It gravity drains into a plastic sprayer tank and then I pressurize it with compressed air to bubble it back up into the table. Works really awesome and reliable

Where is the best place pricewise to order greencut? And are there alternatives to it?

From above, “If anyone isn’t aware, rjwindustrial is in Pennsylvania and sells GreenCut. Cheaper than paying the Customs fee ordering direct.”

I did quite a bit of digging and could not find a better cost/availability for Greencut in the states. You have to call them and order on the phone initially. After that you can use your email contact with them to setup future orders.

Be aware when your order through RJW, they will not actually run your card and charge you when you receive your emailed Invoice. My card was not charged until 2 weeks after I had received my shipment.

I called my local welding shops. I was able to get mine through AmeriGas. Can’t comment on cost comparison but I was able to drive 3 miles and pick it up. They had 1 bottle in stock and had the rest transferred from anther store.

I’m going to make my own water table fluid with this recipe. Looks like it’ll be dramatically cheaper than buying fluid by the gallon:

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This one?:
Here’s the recipe for home-made PlasmaQuench
1/4 pound of sodium nitrite powder ($15/pound) “anti-rust additive” NOTE: nitrite NOT nitrate!
1 teaspoon of Physan 20 ($8/8oz bottle) “antibacterial/antifungal additive”
1 oz Ultramarine blue food-grade dye ($5/oz.) “color added so folks won’t drink out of it!”
Mix well, treats 75 gallons of water.


Yup, exactly. Bought the stuff on amazon for about $28 bucks, and that’s about enough to make 80 gallons of fluid (4x crossfire pros).

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I found this this morning.

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Thats looks good. It has to be mixed to 8%.

I found this one

This is mixed at 3%

Greencut is supposed to be mixed at about 4% but what price is it here in the states? I only see prices and distributors in canada.

Also is a reputable vendor?

Never uses it but a us product from a big retailer and priced decent it seems

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Thought I’d cross post from the Water table fluid thread…

Found this company from a link in a new youtube video…


Dont know them and haven’t used it, but adding to the list.

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Looks like ~$135 per 5 gallons. Need ~20 gallons for the pro, so over $500 in fluid.