How many boxes in the delivery?

Hello all,

I bought the 2x2 pro machine with the height controller. How many boxes should I expect to be delivered.

Thanks in advance.

See CrossFirePRO - Ordered and Delivered in 19 days (8/24/2022)

3rd Box was delivered two days ago now I just got a notification of a second round of 1 of 3 packages on the way from UPS. I asked because I live in a very urban area don’t like the packages sitting on my porch. While I’m at work.

That’s the CF original, not the pro.

2x2 descriptor threw me off.

Might be too late now but you can sign up for UPS delivery notifications. They’ll alert you when something is scheduled and when it’s delivered. Doesn’t cost anything.

OTOH, anyone stealing those boxes will probably get a hernia! :rofl:

Thanks I’ll try it.