CrossFirePRO - Ordered and Delivered in 19 days (8/24/2022)

For anyone looking for actual production lead times for August 2022 here you go:

Order placed for the CrossFirePRO on Aug 5th (FRI)
Water Table Trays (Box 1 of 3) arrived on Aug 19th (FRI) - UPS
Torch Height Controller & Machine Torch Mount arrived on Aug 22nd (MON) - via USPS
RazorWeld 45 Plasma Cutter arrived on Aug 24th (WED) - UPS
CrossFirePRO table (Box 2 & 3) arrived on Aug 24 (WED) - UPS

Order Complete - estimate from Langmuir was 3-4 weeks, arrived in 2.5 weeks!!!

Well done @langmuirsystems