How do I select where the pierce is?

I have been struggling with some of my cuts piercing in a narrow part of a cut and blowing out what would otherwise be a smooth cut because of the entry and exit point of the cut. The part in question has a couple of inches at one end and comes to a point on the other.

When 360 is generating the tool path it want to start the cut at the narrow part that comes to a point.

Is there a way to alter/change where the pierce starts??

Do you have a pic or file you can post up? May help with answers.

You can change pierce points in the linking tab in the 2d profile. When you’re in that tab you can click on any of your contours to change the pierce point if you don’t like where fusion put them.

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I have a file/toolpath I would like to alter but it is not letting me change it from “NOTHING”. Is there a trick to making a change or does this have to be done prior to generating the G code? If so I really don’t know the pierce point is in a bad spot until after I generate the G Code.

As an experiment and so as not to mess up something I already have designed I decided to make a simple plate to put behind a drawer pull. Its 3" x 6" w/.5" radiused corners and 2 holes for the handle.

Reading through 360’s tutorial is says to select where to start the cut. I tried to place it in the center of the bottom left radius it put the arrow in the bottom right! Tried again in the bottom right and it put the arrow in the top right, put it in the top right now its top left. Lastly I clicked on the center of the top left radius and it FINALLY put the arrow in the bottom left like I wanted in the first place.

I have my compensation LEFT so guessing it is picking the next corner to the left to start. Filled everything in leaving red arrow in the bottom left corner, clicked OK and it has the pierce starting in the center of the left side NOT where I want it to start.

WTH am I doing wrong???

Go through the process of making the cut path as you usually do and click ok and see where fusion decided to set the pierce points. If there is any that you want to change right click on profile in the drop down menu on the left and click edit and go to the linking tab and any of the cut profiles you didn’t like just click on the line where you want it to start.
You don’t have to change that nothing to anything I guess that was a bad thing to point out but when you select a point where you want it to start it will change.

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WHEW! Thought I was loosing my mind LOL.

I will be heading to the shop shortly and give it a whirl when I get there. Your description makes sense but we always have the ‘pilot error’ factor on my end. I will report back either way.

Thanks Fortifyfabworks!!

Well I gave it a shot but it’s not changing the entry point.

I tried a few different things and was finally able to move it so I decided to try and change it to a different corner just to make sure I could repeat it and now it won’t move it again (not sure what I did to move it the first time)

I re-read the steps you described and still nothing. I will continue to try until things get busy here and forced to walk away until it quiets down again.

Any additional thoughts would be great…

I think I have it!
I think I needed to left click after right clicking and selecting ‘ENTRY POINT’. phone is starting to go nuts so have to walk away for a bit but hopefully when I get back I can duplicate my results.

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I think you got it the right click was just to get back and edit the profile not to select the points.

When you are in that linking tab just left click the line where you want to start and it will do it.