Entry and exit of torch

Is there a way i can select the infeed entry side on an individual profile? It seems to be random. On the Geometry tab it only shows “Start Inside” or Start Outside". Is there another option I am not aware of?

what software are you using?

most software have edit selections for start points.

Using fusion 360. Has option for start inside or out, but seems to be an all or nithing type deal. I can select the start point, but not the direction of entry arc. Maybe I am missing something.

I can not help you conFusion issues…one of the other guys will jump in and help

Are you looking to change pierce point or change inside or outside cut?

The pierce point. Want it in the drop. Currently random and I dont see a way to select individual entry points.

I know if you click on the line being cut it will change which side of the cut the lead in and out starts. This is marked by the little red arrows.

I meant to say click on the arrows to change which side it cuts.

This link will show you how to change the pierce point.

How do I select where the pierce is? - Software / Fusion 360 - CAM - Langmuir Systems Forum

And if you want to change the pierce side its like Jsargent says just by clicking on the red arrow it will switch sides even though sometimes it doesn’t look like it did it does.