Holes in my cuts with the initial torch firing

Need a little help if anyone has ran into this issue. I’m new to CNC cutting and really don’t know what I’m doing yet. I did my first cut with my Pro and I am getting these holes on the initial firing of the torch. Does anyone know how I can control this? Pic attached.



Go back and take a look at your initials set up for your toolpaths. It looks like you ended up cutting inside of a line that you meant to cut on the outside. You have the lead lead out showing there when actually, those two divots should be on the waste side of the line and not the side that you want to keep. It looks like it’s also affected the text across the top of your piece as well.


Awesome! I believe you are right on the cutting inside vs outside on the toolpaths. I’ll give it another shot. Thanks @KX9M .

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I think you also have too long of a pierce delay.

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No BBe careful on your bridging thickness as well
Your text across the top joining your letters gets quite thin and frail on some of those letters

When your sketching your design you need to be aware of your Kerf on your torch.
One easy way to get an idea of what’s going to happen is to make all of your sketch lines the same thickness as your Kerf on your torch tip so all of your sketch lines would be drawn at .050”-.060” of an inch

When you set your line width to this on your sketch you’ll see the issues right away!
I draw a circle :o: filled in, the same as my Kerf diameter. And run it around my sketch and you’ll also see the problems with tight geometry and spacing issues that you’ll get if your going to cut it.

I always export my files optimized for a cnc cutter
ie. I set all my sketch lines as thin as possible
I primarily use INKSCAPE and I set my line widths to .0001”
Before saving my file in dxf or svg

On the normal sketch screen all of your geometry will appear to disappear so I just change the view to outline mode and everything views just fine at those line-widths
Your CNC Software only needs a microscopic line to follow and the small sketch paths help keep your geometries / size of your objects more accurate.
Smoothing in FUSION Setup helps a lot also.


Great advice. Definitely will be taking a look at Kerf and line width. I wasn’t aware how those settings influenced cut quality. Lots to learn for me.

Thanks a bunch.