Hole speed and sheetcam path rules?

I have been looking at slowing down cut speed when doing holes ? And Turning THC off and on when doing that need OPNIONS ? On that ??? And how its written in Sheetcam path rules ?

First, don’t add any THC on/off commands. Firecontrol handles those with the software and added commands only cause problems. The THC software automatically turns off the THC when the torch speed drops below 85%(default can be changed in Firecontrol) of program speed and turns it back on again when the torch speeds goes above that threshold. If you set a path rule to slow down to 60% for holes, the THC will automatically turn off for those slower cuts.

To add a path rule, go to Options - Job Options and click on the Path Rules tab at the top. Near the bottom of the window, click on “add rule”. A box will pop up and next to where it says “rule” click on that and a menu will drop down. Click on “on small circles” and fill in the size of the circles and the feedrate percentage. Don’t add any start or end codes. Click on OK and your rule should appear in the box. That rule should now be available to select in the Jet Cutting operation setup window.