Hole settings in Firecontrol?

Wondering how everyone is slowing down the travel speed to cut holes? So far I’ve been creating And running 2 separate tool paths which is a pain. I’m using fusion 360. It would be really nice to do it manually in firecontrol by selecting holes and then setting travel speed. Am I missing something? Seems there should be a better way.

In sheetcam it’s super easy to set a second tool path with rules for holes. I just put all holes on a separate “layer” and change the setting.

Not sure on 360, but what do you do if you want to cut with no offset?

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It is fairly easy in fusion to setup another toolpath and select only the holes. That’s about the only way you can do it unless you want to run your entire part at the hole cutting parameters.

Being able to select holes and set travel speed in firecontrol wouldn’t be anymore efficient than creating another toolpath in fusion.

I myself have also switched to sheetcam but when I did use fusion I would always have at least 2 toolpaths, one for inside cuts and one for outside cuts.

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Ditto. And one for holes too small for my standard lead in value and one for no offset cut lines as well. Still do that with Sheetcam too.


Thanks guys. Is there a way though to run it all as one program. I have basically been making two programs. I make a program for the holes and one for the rest of the project. So I end up loading the hole program first then after that has finished I load the next program into firecontrol. Is there any way to combine the two so I don’t have to physically load two separate programs into firecontrol? Or is that just how it is?

Sure. You can have as many paths or operations as you want in a job. Just add another.

What I do is select all the paths (lines) I want to cut together and create a layer (right mouse-cluck, add to new layer). I do that for the outer cut, any simple lines (not cutouts), large holes with standard lead-in and small holes with no lead-in.

Then I create 4 different cut operations using the different offset or lead-ins. They all get out into the same GCode file by Sheetcam and I save and run that.

James described how to do this in sheetcam but you can do this in fusion as well.

It’s been awhile but when I was using fusion all you had to do was add another cut profile. You do this the same way you add the initial cut profile.

The thing you want to remember though, when you go to post process if you have multiple profiles and have profile 2 selected, it will only post process profile 2.

If I remember correctly you have to select Setup and it will post process all cut files in the order that they are listed.

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Thanks a lot. It looks like it will work.

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Don’t forget that when using sheetcam that it imports different colors as layers/separate parts etc.
So when drawing make all holes 1 color, then make all outside 1 color, and then you can do no offsets as another color and so on.

When you click on operation 1st choose what offset and then what color and they will be the same