Hobart 40i THC + torch on splicing Guide

Torch height controller (Black torch lead to center post and red clamp lead to right-side post ).

and also remote torch on and off wiring for Hobart 40i

Torch firing is verified working , the torch Height controller THC . I just hooked in. pretty sure t’s right . Traced the clamp return wire to the right-most terminal, and the center terminal must be the primary voltage lead to the torch, since it sends 6 identical wires down that way. Wish me luck .

Update: it worked as expected. Wiring is correct for Hobart 40i
Final Image shows the torch fire wires are the orange and purple wires coming from the white plug near top left of green main board. Behind this bundle, are the main voltage lines for the THC. as in photo, THC Black lead to center, red lead to right-side post. THC makes ALL the difference with thin material!

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