Hi! WA state. Dream shop project started!

Yo fellas… seems like a decent group of weirdos here to join. I cut my teeth on hobby cnc projects 18 years ago when I built 3 cnc lasers from scratch. Made rc airplanes with them and put my wife through med school. Built a few cnc routers along the way… a few 4 axis wire foam cutters… wife finished school and I decided to follow her footsteps… so sold it all and went to med school.

Busted butt, built a practice with my woman, and now finally have time to have a hobby again. Covid 19 closures were idiotic but gave me time to start the dream shop… so that’s what I’ve been doing and Langmuir Systems found a spot in the fun…

Tormach 15L slant pro cnc lathe
Tormach 1100mx cnc mill
Boss HP3655 co2 laser
Boss 8x8 fiber laser
Wazer cnc waterjet cutter
China Special 24x36 cnc router
Langmuir crossfire pro
Langmuir crossfire XR
5x Langmuir weld tables
G709 gunsmithing lathe
Southbend 1024f vertical mill

Setting up machines as they arrive. My crossfire pro just arrived… having too much fun!

It’s not just for me though, plan on incorporating a nonprofit to teach kids some real shop class opportunities. This bull$&!+ dumbing down of our school system is not going to be fixed by the school system. I’m taking it on myself… so using my skills, knowledge, and love for creativity and making sure next generation has a few kids that can solve a problem on their own…


holly crap…you have an incredible shop and a great life…way to go!!!
the person I am going to bring onto this thread is @Cletus
he will drool when he sees this…and he is a biomedical engineer…

welcome to the forum by the way.

PS…link to your website does not work

HOLY CRAP indeed! :flushed:
On my way to the ER, I slipped and fell on my own drool! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
That is one sweet workshop!
Congratulations and welcome to this band of Misfits! :rofl::rofl:

That looks like a Precision Matthews PM-935TV Knee Mill in the back there. I’ve got a PM-935TS-3PH on order now.

Haha, ya I am feeling blessed. Still haven’t had time to make the website… glad I built the shop last year! Paid 13 a sheet for osb and its 73 out here now!

The mill is a Southbend, but I’m pretty sure they all come from the same Taiwan mold. I got the one with Fagpr DRO .

My UPS guy is cool… got to know him pretty good this last year! I bought a old forklift and rebuilt it so I could move stuff around and get all the machines off the trucks.

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Had to build some goofy stuff to get everything moved and in place.


That would be certain painful death from the wife if I did that! :crazy_face:

Lol. Ya… out of all the crazy stuff I bought… she was like WHY!? didn’t run. No brakes… but 2 weeks and $350 in parts… its love. 1975 3 wheeler.

My wife is pretty freaking awesome. She gave some friends a tour through the shop… sounded about as proud as I was telling them what the machines were.


Just closed a sale for a couple OR Tables and a Defib, so that commission check should make paying for the new toys a little more palatable :rofl::tumbler_glass:


In all honesty, I’m looking forward to getting to know some of y’all on here. Been reading through stuff for a while.

I love helping others out with cool stuff. So if you got something cool in mind and I can help you out, let me know.

One of my first mod projects is going to be adding link cable carriers to the PRO… I’ve got a couple nice 3d printers and some ideas for parts for that project…

The PRO is going in there next to the laser. Barn door to let the smoke out, but also put in a vent for winter when I don’t want the door open. Gotta build the hood extension once I get the machine put together.

let me guess this straight…
Medical Doctor…thank you for that even from Canada
Millwright / Machinist
Family Provider
RC model building/developer
Electronics fabricator

WOW…did I miss anything?

Do you sleep?..

I do think you will have fun here…and I do expect we will see some amazing things from you…

thank you

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Sweet! We work to play… we just got a light scalpel 10w laser for the medical practice… of course the other docs had fun training on pig feet free hand. The whole time I’m imaging putting the rotary 4th axis under it :triumph:

Hahaha, man after my own heart!!

The blessings of ADHD… but my wife gets to deal with the curses… multiple projects always not quite done… its funny how many people also say where do you get the time… brain just can’t rest. She gets it now, wasn’t always that way… I figured out what was important to her over the last 20 years of being married… and I do those things for her before my things.

I dont do any social media. That helps with time for sure! Got my wife off all her accounts and she couldn’t believe how it had taken over life.


Doctors are a special breed for sure…and you are a down to earth person…grounded…
I manage 1 campus of a mutli-campus Hospital system in Canada…so I understand the way most doctors think…other…no one can figure out…

Sad but true. Too many with god complex… problem is most did highschool, college, medschool, then work. Never put time in behind a grill or lawnmower… trials and failure make a better person.

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again…you are a seriously grounded person…and to work on a trades education non-profit …sweeeet.
I retire in September and am already booking time with the local Youth Offenders working group. I will going there 2-3 days a week working with troubled youth on trades. I will be doing Carpenrty, Construction/contracting, basic metal work…giving them something to look forward to and work with their hands to produce…

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That’s a great plan. Props to you for passing it on. I had a teacher in elementary school that let me build model airplanes and stuff in the back of the classroom if I had my work done. I did the whole year of the math book in a month.

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Haha, ya I am feeling blessed. Still haven’t had time to make the website… glad I built the shop last year! Paid 13 a sheet for osb and its 73 out here now!

im building an addition to my garage right now 24x40 to move my lathe, mill, and crossfire pro into got lucky and western materials was $42/sheet for OSB. should have bought my materials when i got my first quote in january at 25/sheet … $13/sheet though… wow!

@Dirty_Bill that sounds like an awesome project! Honestly the hardest part of mine was working on the construction stuff when all I wanted to do was mess with machines and computers! Poor girls got stuck under tarps and left in boxes way longer than I expected.

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One of the best ideas for the shop was the walls… I did plywood behind areas that get banged on frequently, drywall on rest. Then finished the whole thing with spray on bed liner… everything proof, looks awesome, sound dampening.