Hi from colorado

brand new to cnc but im defently figureing it out. just got a basic crossfire to learn on for now. kinda disapointed in the small size but i have an xl expansion kit otw along with z axis kit and limit switches. hopefully itll help with the cut size.


@thejeepguy welcome to the group! Sounds like your off to a good start!


Welcome to the group. I’m on the western slope, are you over here as well?

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Welcome to the forum!

I’m sure there are quite a few experienced people in your part of the country. Enjoy the learning and don’t let the size determine your limits, I’ve made cuttings as large as 72" in Y on a 2x2 table.


Welcome to the fun! I’m on the front range, black forest area. Here’s the link to the post with the map:

owners map

Im on the front range as well. Near Loveland. Lots of help on this forum. A bunch of knowledgeable people.

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montie vista. im near alamosa

man i havent even figured out fusion 360 yet let alone how to get around it …

im in montie vista about 4 hours south

I’m over in Montrose. Been through MV so many times on the way to Santa Fe. Happy Thanksgiving!

im up that way from time to time. i buy and sell jeeps thats a good area to buy in

Sure, I lived in Ouray for several years, had a CJ7 and CJ5 for a while. I think I’ve seen your Jeep sign on 285 just up from the DQ.

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ya I’m sure you have. I’m currently cutting back and selling off a lot of my innovatory its just too much to keep p with. January ill be closing the shop to the public. i want to enjoy building them one at a time. not to mention some time off


If you have need of exhaust hangers for YJ’s, I do some reproductions.


those are sweet ill defently keep that in mind. what cad and cam programs are you useing? im having a very hard time learning the software side of all this

For this type of project, I use FreeCAD and Sheetcam.

For anything with text or artistic stuff, I use Inkscape and Sheetcam. FreeCAD is not great for those type things. It can do it, but it’s not a simple process.

Sometimes, I’ll design something in FreeCAD and then export it as an SVG and add text in Inkscape.

Fusion can do all of those things, but I had already learned FreeCAD for 3d printing and didn’t want to put in the time to learn Fusion.

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ill have to try learning that insted im having no luck with fusion

What do you want to learn in fusion…2D or 3D? It’s a little difficult to move around for the first few weeks. I’m happy to help if you have designs or things your trying to build.

@thejeepguy welcome to the forum

I’ll give you a chance to start GIVING advice in your first week on the forum… :grinning:

I have a 2003 Rubicon TJ with 16,000 miles on it. Always garaged, never driven in rain let alone off-road, near perfect condition. Black.

From my reading, the 2003 Rubicon was the first year with Dana lockable FR/RR axles, beefed transfer case with extra low ratios, and an increased HP engine tune. It was touted as a factory rock crawler when launched. It’s only “flaws” are soft-top with no AC and auto trans. I know most crawlers prefer manual trans.

Any idea what I should ask for it? I plan to get rid of it within the next 3-6 months.

fusion just has so much to it iget confused