HF being used nearby Crossfire

I was wondering how close can you use a HF start tig or plasma to the electronics on the Crossfire tables? I have a blowback on my table but use a HF one manually around the shop. Is it a case of being plugged into the system only?

Hey Mike,

We recommend ensuring that the CrossFire is at least 16 feet away before use of high-frequency equipment. Keep in mind that this is the minimum that we recommend - the more distance you can keep, the better!

Alternatively, you can also completely unmount the CrossFire’s Electronics Enclosure and store it elsewhere while you use high-frequency equipment near the machine.

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Would it matter that the table electronics were on or off? Thank you for the reply.

High-frequency equipment produces powerful EM interference that can permanently damage sensitive open circuits like the CrossFire’s Motion Control Board; this damage is based on proximity alone, even when the machine is off or the Motion Control Board is completely disconnected.


Thank you for the lesson. Good to know!