Herocut CUT55 CNC Connection

I’ve purchased. 50A cutter known as a Herocut CUT55. And it has 2 plugs at back listed as “Arc Voltage” with 2 contacts in the plug & “Control Signal” with 4 contacts.
Any advice on connecting to my Crossfire Table appreciated

120/240v CNC Plasma Cutter Non-HF Pilot Arc Blowback Arc Starting Inverter Plasma Cutter 50Amps Dual Voltage 120v / 240v 3/4’’ Clean Cut, Can Work With CNC table. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076FDQC2P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_MuS5CbTSPAFWP

Hi, have you figured out how to connect your Cut55 to your table ?

Yes I did. Super-simple. Connected the 2 wire line supplied by Langmuir to Pins 1 & 2 on the 4-pin connector labelled “Control Signal” on the back of the unit.
Fired right up.


Did you find this Herocut Cut55 works with the Crossfire CNC?

Haven’t done much yet with it. Just some test cuts. But everything seems to work better than expected.

I presently have a Everlast cut 50…not the 50S…it does not work with the Crossfire…so I am looking at the Herocut Cut55…I was wondering how you are finding it with the Crossfire?

Not trying to hijack this thread or your decision but I have the primeweld 60 and it seems to cut great on my Crossfire and the primeweld 60 has a 3 yr warranty, not sure about the Herocut.

Just something to check into.

not a hijack at all…any and all information is great.
I live in Canada…so getting a Primeweld60 here is $713.62 USD……($947.54 CDN)……then there will be duty and taxes on it.
Not to mention consumables…hard to get in Canada and the shipping cost.

I an get the HeroCut55i for $549.03 USD……(that is $729 CDN all in)
Consumables are on Amazon and available.

Now I am not trying to be cheap…but I have to work with the budget I have…

I can not even get the Everlast PowerPlasma 50S for less than $947.06 USD……($1257.50 CDN all in)
Consumables are readily available for it.

looking for other options still


So far so good. Actually was kinda ecstatic how will it worked out!

So far, havent found any limitations or issues with the HERO 55.

Everlastwelders.ca you will avoid the conversion creep and have cheaper shipping g. They are in Oakville now I think so maybe you can pick up? Theres no duty on these cutters so just tax and brokerage

I actually live in Canada in Ontario…which is 4 hrs from Ajax…so it is not the shipping and the that…it is the overall cost…the USD goes a lot farther than the CDN dollar.

I am trying to stay under the $1000 CDN cost…

I agree that the prices are isually cheaper in the US but the shipping and brokerage will even things out pretty quick, not planning a day trip across anytime soon are ya?

I got a Herocut 70i and I can’t seem to find the mechanized torch I need for my table
That cut55 cord compatible to the 70?

If your in the USA and want a machine torch for it contact me.

Can you show a picture of how you seat up your wires

Sorry, I’m out of the country for a bit longer.

Any updates on the Herocut CUT55 that you can share.

I just pulled the trigger on an order for the Herocut Cut55i.

Been using my hero cut for almost a year now And it’s always worked perfect