Help with DXF File for FFA

We just got our Crossfire Pro up and running in the Ag Shop I run. I have been trying to work with an FFA logo file so that I can mix it in with other files. I got the file off of and it is a very clean looking file. The problem is that I can not get the fill gaps process to go through on Fusion 360 as the computer just spins. I belive it is because it is such a large file. Best I can tell from research is that it needs the segments converted to splined lines but I can not figure out how to do that.

Thank you for any help you can give.

FFA Share.dxf (153.0 KB)

I’ll do a live stream to investigate the issue.

8:50 MST


Thanks I actually got it to clear enough of them for sheetcam to do the cam work but I prefer fusion 360 and want to be able to add stuff to the file.

Thank you so much, I learned more in 20 minutes than all the youtube videos I have watched.


Wish we could have had plasma cnc when i was in FFA in the mid 80s. Awesome work you are doing.


I have cut exclusively closed cuts so far. I have several signs I’ll be trying soon which have a bunch of single lines.

One the single line cuts, any other tips for getting good, clean starts and stops? I saw in the video no lead-in/out, no pierce clearance, smoothing on, and compensation on center.

Is there anything else (F360 and/or machine settings wise) you can recommend be done to try for the cleanest single line cuts?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


FFA is a great organization and that is a cool sign. I may try to pass it along to my local school corp FFA representative. Please post a picture if/when you get it cut out. Thank you.


I was able to recreate what you did and then apply to the USMC Logo that I had been working on for several weeks for a student that graduated last year.


Two other tips come to mind.

One start with a piece of sacrificial geometry to cut so you can control the consecutive Pierce delays after that cut.

Two would be to reduce the Pierce delay as much as possible on 14 gauge I do a 74% reduction on .5 seconds…


Since it sounds like you are a teacher and may have more military students in your future, here are the Army and MC ones I have made.

I haven’t cut the Army one yet.

The MC one, I have a more detailed version but I have some kinks to iron out.

Main body
Army-crest 1.dxf (512.7 KB)
Has the single lines for the arrows
Army-crest 2.dxf (3.1 KB)
Basic MC emblem
Marine Corp Basic Emblem.dxf (479.4 KB)


Thank you, out of nine seniors in our little school we are sending 2 this year. I am going to post my marines picture in a minute. It turned out okay, but should have been cut larger I lost a few details.

That was outstanding. If you do a “Greatest Hits” this needs to be in it. Thank you for doing it.

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I’ve been doing an easier method, in firecontrol if you just bring the torch high off your material (so it doesnt cut or burn anything), manually flick on the torch then back off (in firecontrol) and then start your cutting while your plasmas postflow is running. the initial pierce will operate properly because the post flow is still running.


That sounds like it would work well. Myself I like to minimize manual tasks that I have to remember to do at the table.

I already have an issue with 85 things going on in my brain at one time that I have to sort out all the time. lol

I like to add a small line or hole as the first operation then the long first pierce delay is defeated.

Then any time I run that program in the future it automatically purges and defeats the initial pierce delay with intervention. It just baked into the program.


hey Dobber, they did have it back then. I was in tech high school and we had one in 84.

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