Help with creating tool path

Hi everyone, my name is Phil I recently purchased the crossfire pro and I’m also very new to the world of cnc …. I’ve watched all of the Langmuir videos, I also was able to cut a dearth Vader from the cut ready files on fire share. I wanted to get familiarized with fusion 360 so I downloaded the F bomb bottle opener and was trying to convert the Dfx file to gcode but when I go through all the steps and try to pick my contour lines for my tool path but when I try the simulate action it only “cuts” the perimeter of the bottle opener… if someone can plz shed some light I would greatly appreciate it!

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Hi Phil Welcome to The forum site.

Your issue is likely that you’re kerf width, Pierce clearance, lead in, lead out, lead in radius, lead out radius, lead in angle all add up to too to fit on the inside geometry.

Check all these variables to see if maybe one is accidentally too large.

Thank you, I will check it out maybe I overlooked something