Help with assembly! Plastic isolator? Grommets?

Hey guys just got possession of my crossfire pro w/thc yesterday. Been taking my time going through the instructions and carefully assembling the unit. Aside from a few minor hiccups it’s been all good.

Now i’ve just reached step 14:Attach Electronics Enclosure, and I’ve hit a wall. It talks about using a plastic isolator between the enclosure and the table leg but I cant seem to find it. I’ve checked every bag every box about 10 times. I’ve basically used up everything they sent so there’s not much left to look through…

They also talk about removing rubber grommets if you received the plastic isolator, it seems like I got neither? Are these things usually shipped in a leg or something and I missed them?

Also strange the holes in my electronics box are huge (can I attach a pic?) , like 3/8", whereas the mounting screws are just little aheet metal screws (1/8 - 3/16"?)

I haven’t contacted support yet was hoping i’m just overlooking something and figured this would be quicker…


strange…send them a quick email…
but if I remember the rubber gromets were already installed on my electronics enclosure…

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I wouldn’t mount it on the table. mount it off to the side some were by your computer. Less chance of interference and/or getting wet.


This is the insulator strip and one of the grommets. I initially mounted the box with them, but it was not sturdy and if the screws are tightened too much, they will easily smash through the grommet and make contact with the enclosure. With vibration from the table while in use, they would probably wear through eventually anyways. The box needs to be isolated from the table as @mechanic416 indicated. I elected to mount mine on a piece of wood and then to the table leg to isolate it. See below:

a great idea…but water…sparks…rot…I would look at some non-porous water resistant product

You can get a polypropylene cutting board, half-inch thick from Walmart that works well and only a few bucks.


Thanks for all the input guys, I’ve sent off an email to support because I doubt these big holes in the case are normal… for now i’ve got the unit sitting on a stool next to the table and playing around with software issues, fun fun!

I thought the same thing about the holes at first, but they are so the raised bushings from the insulator strip fit inside them. They measure 5/16" O.D.

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Make sure when you are done that you put an ohm meter on the computer connection metal shield on the plug to unpainted frame. You need to get “0” ohm’s. Very important for EMI free operation.
With all my EMI grounding on my machine, I still had to remove the ground blade on the computer plug. It creates a ground loop through the Langmuir control box somewhere inside. You very well be okay though.

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