Help! Torch rising

Voltage is definitely high. It is odd that the Smart Voltage took two different readings during that short cut. It should take a reading at the beginning and hold that value until the cut loop ends or the speed drops below the cutoff threshold. I agree that the OP should go back to the default settings and try to find the realy problem.

Is the Miller hooked up to raw voltage?


Thanks for all the input. I went back to default settings on the THC settings. i did a few 8 inch test cuts on some scrap set to 25 amps @ 80ipm and it looked to cut normal. i will cut some pieces out soon and make a full video of the cut and screen record. here is a picture of my torch and the recording of the 8 inch test.

the smart voltage held like it should this time and i checked my torch height and that was on point.

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Also, how do you adjust the plunge rate with fusion? Is it possible?

It’s not possible without manually editing the code.

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Fingers are crossed… i cut a few pieces today. 25a 90ipm 16g stainless.
The piece was a air vent grill.
The first cut did good on the inner cuts. The outer cut had a little warpage to battle against. The tip dragged the metal a little bit.

I made small adjustments to the Z speed and the second cut kept a safe distance from the material.

I will keep a close eye on it and hope everything is well. I still have a feeling the culprit is there.

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