Help me diagnose yet another THC issue!

Hey all,

My THC just magically stopped working one day. Been in business, well not business, but it’s been working fine for over a year now. Ran through the THC flowchart. Can’t seem to come up with anything. This is where I’m at:

I have verified that it is wired correctly.

When I perform the resting voltage test it returns 0.00v

When I perform the live voltage test I return 0.0 or 0.1 V

When I measure the DV voltage across pins 1 and 2 of the VIM box while firing its returning +2.4 VDC

I have checked continuity between the USB plug and the outer shell of the box. There is none. I have also checked between the USB plug and the slat. Also none.

I then proceeded to test voltage across the A1 pin and the GND pin. I measured no change in voltage when firing the plasma cutter or stationary. I checked the grey and white wires for continuity from the plug to connectors and ensured that the connectors are tight.

I had heard that sometimes its can ground out through the ground pin on a desktop or monitor charging cable. Loaded fire control into my fancy HP victus and trucked it out to the garage. Did the same test, and no changes.

Unfortunately I feel like it’s got to be something internally at the point? I’m constantly checking for continuity between the box and the usb plug, and there isn’t any. I did notice there is a red light on the THC chip, is that normal? Does anyone have any other suggestions for things to check?

Thanks all,


dhat is is doing? describe all the tests but what about what it is doing? it not moving at all?