HELP!Lower rail left and right?

Hi. I have 2 assembly questions.
1)With the lower rails is there a right hand side and left hand side? Both of mine are identical.
2) I took screen shots of instructions below and it says on the RH side face the small hole up and use 2.5” bolt with the tube spacers. I took a pic to show these instructions are very confusing to me bc the 2.5” isn’t long enough using the small hole up.
The reason I also asked was there a left and right side is because when I did use the right hand side with BIG hole up (against instructions) it worked and I got legs on but the opposite side legs wouldn’t go on. Thanks

That is the confusing part of the instructions. The first part tells you how to differentiate the two tubes, but it is NOT related to how they are installed. It’s impossible to install the tube without the large hole facing up. When installed both sides will have the large hole facing up. So that you can get the bolt installed.

Here’s some pictures…

Right side front - inner (hard to tell but the big hole is facing up):

Right side front - outer

Left side front - inner

Left side front - outer

Right side rear - outer

Left side rear - inner

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Thank you so much. Ok now I tried to Install both with big hole up as that was the only way I saw to do it. On one side I had two legs bolted but the other would not accept the leg no matter how I turned it. Is it possible that there is also a designated right and left upper tube and I might have gotten two of the same since one side the legs work. Had legs in right places even by using diagram that show the legs with holes (for electrical) and ones without.

Did you get this sorted? I’m unsure what you mean by upper tube, at this point in the assembly you are only dealing with the lower (black) tubes.

Start at square one, take the two front and back pieces (the ones with writing on them), place them so the writing faces out. So if you stand at the front or the back you will see the writing. Now take the side tubes and oriantate as shown in the pictures to find the right and left. Set the left one on your left and the right one on your right. Turn so large holes face up, and line up with the holes in the front/back tubes. Bolt the sides to the front/back. Do you get this far? Post a picture.

Yea. I got two right hand rails.

Upper tube was a mistake lol I meant lower. Thanks for all the help and the pics were awesome. Very detailed

Well, i got two lefts, surely some other person is getting two rights any day. I think its fairly easily resolved by drilling out the hole opposite the big hole and using a washer on the bolt…ugh, not the best start but better than waiting for a new one.