HELP! Everlast 62i or 82i

Hello all! I just got my crossfire pro! Getting ready to either purchase the Everlast 62i or 82i. Could I get some pros and cons running the smaller unit?

Is it worth upgrading to the CNC iPTM-60 or 80 torch head?

I will not be cutting much material over 3/8", possibly 1/2" every now and then.

Thanks in advanced!

62I will do what you want. Torch I cant say


The 62i will work fine for what you want. Get the machine torch for the little extra money.

I have the 82i and am very happy with it even though I have yet to cut anything requiring more than 45 amps. Either one will work, obviously 82i increases what you can do if needed. As others have said, get the machine torch package regardless which machine you get.

82i if it’s in your budget. It’s just the fact that when cutting 1/2 plate, the duty cycle won’t come into play.


+1 agree with this

What torch do you have?

PTM 60 and a PTM80. I almost use the PTM 80 with a 50 amp tip.