Help determining efficient workflow needed

I have the xr table up and running and now I am working on trying to figure out an efficient software workflow for when orders come in.

Here is an example of what I expect to receive from clients as this was just sent to me.

This time they may only want 50 of each and next time it could be 10-100, etc. I mostly would be working with either 3/16 or 1/4 for these. I currently have a full 4x8 sheet, but next time I may have a 1/2 used sheet available.

What would be the most efficient way to create these in software, define how many I need of each and the size of the material I have available and have the software ‘nest’ them for me so I can cut them out? I’ve watched a bunch of videos online but so far have not yet found a good example of doing this complete process.

At the moment I cannot run fusion 360 as my only computer that meets the requirements died a horrible death. I do have access to a linux laptop and an OLD windows 7 PC. Hoping to do a few of these jobs to make the money needed to purchase a new computer.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

this is where I like sheetcam…I am not sure if conFusion 360 can do this…I am sure @TinWhisperer can chirp in on conFucion360.

in sheetcam you can make your material size in the program then bring in your part and have it nest them…

in Firecontrol you can make your own nest depending on rows or/and columns…and see if fits your material…

you can use and work with that also


If they(your client) are the ones producing the shop drawings you posted, maybe you could have them send you a dxf instead of the pdf or paper copy.

If you have to produce the DXF and you are concerned about having enough power to run Fusion, I think i would use a simple 2d program like Qcad for your design… then use sheetcam for your cam.

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Fusion has the arrange option in the design workspace.

They use it almost every time bc I try only to cut nests.

You have to activate arrange in your preferences menu so it’ll be available in your tools.

Parts like this can be done directly in Sheetcam with the “shapes” menu. You can select a rectangle with 4 holes, then specify the dimensions, hole size, spacing, radius, etc. Then duplicate and “array” the parts on the sheet. Less than 5 minutes, once you learn the process.


Thank you everyone for the great advice and options.