Fusion 360 do i have to buy to get the nesting tools

Do i have to buy it to get the nesting tools or is there something else out there ?

Fusion 360 has a great manual arrange feature in the design workspace. I was going to do a video about it soon but for now that tool is right here

or Deepnest.io is an option but you will loose your fusion 360 parametric ability

Tin, That,s the problem i don,t have the arrange tool i’m on the personal license i’ll buy it if i have to i really don’t want to switch to anything else unless there is something better.

I though they only make you pay extra for their “generative” nesting tool.

I have I subscription so I am not sure what is missing from the free version.

Try deepnest.io

Fusion360 DXF to Deepnest.io file corruption

here is a topic I made about it when I was using it.

I find Fusion 360 to be a worth while investment and they are always making it better.

The two thing I like most are.

Parametric design with history

Being able to stay in one piece of software for everything.

From what i have been able to find i will have to buy the subscription to get it and i will cause i like F360 and i’m used to it plus i will be able to save more files.

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You always can archive files as read only and 10 “active” files is the limit

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That’s what iv’e been doing.

Are you using F360?

Everyday. :+1:t2:

I have been putting together a tutorial video series

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That’s great can’t wait for that that would help at my age it helps to see something done then trying to figure it out.

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I am a visual learner too.

trying to help make the work flow more friendly to folks new to CAD and make the videos langmuir and plasma specific.

Check out the videos I’ve posted so far and if there is anything you want explained or some project advise please drop me a note with a @TinWhisperer and I will try to work into future videos .

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Will do.Thanks