HELP! Constantly stopping/catching on Y Axis

We are having issues with constant catching and stopping on the Y Axis. We have lubricated all the bearings etc. Not sure what may be causing this anymore.

Here is a link to a video catching it in action.


Looks like at the furthermost extents I am out of square by quite a bit?

Loosen the six bolts that hold the X rail into the carriages and run both side against the plates. Turn off the power to the control box and you can turn the lead screw by hand to get them both against the plates. Then tighten the six bolts on the X rail again.

If it still binds, loosen the bolts holding the lead nuts and run all the way back towards the motors. Tighten the lead nut bolts in that position.

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can I ask how square and parallel the rails are?..
I had that issue when…had to reaquare everything and slightly loosed the bearing blocks

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Are they these here? I see 4

The rails seem to be square to each other, but the actual X rail wont go all the way to the stanchion plates on the right side. Only the left

Look to make sure you didn’t mix the X axis lead screw bearing mount with a y axis bearing mount. Looks like in your pic that might be the case? Looks like the lead screw is further out from rail then left side.


Has it worked before? Mine started doing that sereral years ago. It was the power supply not putting out 36volts. Mine had vibrated to 24volts. Check it with a meter for the correct voltage before you take the whole table apart.

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There is another bolt inside that hole in the rail.


david is right…there is another bolt on the underside of the areas you have circled.

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