Hello from Vancouver Island

I’m Bob from the wet coast of Canada.

I just received my Crossfire XL today. I ordered it on Feb2 and figured on a bit of a wait so I’m pretty blown away at how fast it got here. Super stoked to add this to my tiny metal shop. My philosophy is If it’s not fun I’m not doing it!! I make furniture, yard art, sculpture and anything else that looks like it might be interesting and as a retired IT guy strapping a computer onto my plasma cutter is nirvana!! :laughing:

I’ve already made use of info on the forum (my friend with a 3D printer just made me a dimple die for my water table with input from a thread. Thanks! ) and look forward to contributing where I can, asking questions when I need to and sharing what I’m doing.


Welcome. As soon as you get the workflow figured out, the fun begins.

Hi Bob ,This is Neil from Victoria ,moving to Comox shortly .Where are you located ?
I am thinking of getting the cross fire pro what is the Cross fire XL

Canadians untie…sorry a little dyslexic…Canadains Unite…

Toolboy here in our Nations Capital…not my fault…

soon to be retired myself…Welcome to the wonderful world of CNC Plasma

Thanks! I hear you about workflow Brownfox. The plan is to start small and build my skill set out. I’ve already got a couple of things worked up that seem to look do-able, just need to get the table running to see if that’s true. :grinning:

Hi Neil, I’m in beautiful downtown Qualicum Beach. The XL gives a bigger useable cut area of about 25 x 33 but no THC. As much as I would have love a Pro just haven’t got the room. If you’re coming up this way give me a shout and you can drop by and take a look.

Be warned that shipping is a killer. Cost all in for shipping, duty and taxes, brokerage and CBSA fees was around 650.00 Canadian. Any other year I would have had it shipped to my brother in law in Seattle and picked it up there or had it shipped to our place in Yuma but this is definitely not any other year :mask:

Hi Toolboy! Ahh our nation’s capital! I’m a BC boy through and through but lived there many moons ago when I worked for Environment Canada in Ice Patrol. Love the vibe there. One of my favorite cities. Come join the darkside!! Retirement is good . I highly recommend it :grin:

3 months…3 days…11 hours…20 minutes…19…18…17…16

will do to introduce myself ,good reason to visit an aunt there. We have a langmuire at work .Used To work at the Dockyard in Esquimalt where we had it all In way of manufacturing capabilities .Now I am working in Northern Alberta different ball of wax … Yeah shipping I was thinking about that . I am used too getting hosed on car parts for my Comet a and was thinking of getting it shipped to Sea wings in Blaine for the $175 and hoping for less from there .But still probably the $650 plus you mentioned.

Now that I know you’re Canadian, everything makes sense.

the Nations Capital !.. you mean Toronto ? lol thanks for the greeting .

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Well I did get it built today. Did a quick test of the motors and everything seems okay. Will need some tweaking. And I officially have no more room in the “shop”. Should be able to get the cutter wired tomorrow and who knows, maybe even cut something :smiley: That’s a wrap for today.

Welcome to the Forum and the CNC Plasma World! Great fun and great people here…

Thanks Gene! Enjoying it already :grin:

be prepared for the black dust from hell getting on everything…and I mean everything…

I bet you are a Leaf’s fan also…

do you know what the difference is between the Leaf’s winning the cup…vs…Montreal winning the cup???
the last picture taken of Montreal with the cup was in color…the Leaf’s last picture with the cup was in black and white…hahahahahahaha

That ship has already sailed!! :laughing:

But I did MacGyver a fume extractor a couple of years ago which does a pretty good job of keeping the air clear when I’ve got the door down in nasty weather.

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Just a quick update. We are up and running!! Some successful cuts this morning. Yeehaa!! Baby steps :smile:

Hmmmm…salmon…just had some last night…grilled…

nice first cuts also

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Well you know, us island boys gotta do what we do. :laughing: