Hello from Vancouver Island

I like your table top you have there . Would be great for alI sorts of fabrication .I sold my house In Victoria and I just pulled the pin on the Crossfire Pro. Should arrive just in time to Move into the Comox place in May . Now I have to convince my wife to have it in her shop as we have his and hers 2000 sq each .Its been a long time Coming .I look forward to meeting you eventually . It will probably take 3 months to unpack once we get there and we need a well deserved break

I dont have time to watch hockey,life is short . A similar joke to a Lystreria outbreak a few years back at Maple leaf foods in Alberta around playoff time . Something like the Stanley Cup was safe since a Maple Leaf hadn’t touched it in years

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Ya know, you guys should take it easy on each other. My four favorite places in Canada are Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City.


you may have aharder time explaining all the black dust from hell on her side of the shop from plasma cutting!!!

Thanks Neil. I had a piece of 3/8 plate that was just hanging around and thought I could use it for fabrication so I got my buddy who works with a big boy cnc to cut it out for me. :grin: Turned out great! Sounds like you’ll have plenty of room for stuff in your new shop. I have my metalwork in a garage bay and do my woodwork in a solar powered 7x15 building at the side of the house. Not a lot of room but I get stuff done. Gets messy real quick though.

Glad to hear you pulled the pin. How long is the wait for it? Will be good to have another LS user on the island. DM me if you’e coming up this way. Will definitely keep in touch :+1:

no word on an ETA ,I am I no panic as I have a lot of stuff to set up once I move.
We will have to chat .I have worked at some impressive machine shops
Since switching uo to the oil Field I missed out on a lot of opportunities to have custom stuff made. Especially for my 65 Comet project . I will DM my email address when i get time to figure out how to do that. I have a lot of iron in the fire right now

Hi Bob I guess as newbies we cant private message ? my Email is kingspeedy1@gmail.com
regards Neil in Comox

You only need a few posts (4 I think) so you’re probably close anyway.
Reply to this one and you’ve probably got it…

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Hello Kingspeedy1, I suggest you rethink the location of where you will operate your crossfire. The amount of smoke and dust from cutting metal will overwhelm your dust collection hose. I do all of my cutting outside the shop with a pop up canopy to give some shade and a side wall to shield the table from anyone looking in the driveway. You two will be close in Comox and Qualicum Beach. My wife grew up in Comox and we visit the island occasionally. Where I live now in Los Angeles county I can roll the crossfire out, set it up and be cutting in 30 minutes. Enjoy your crossfire!

Welcome and hi back from Vancouver! I grew up on island so ya… :+1:t4:

Hey squatch! Knew there had to be more than a couple of wetcoasters on the forum :smile:

Hello from Gatineau,Quebec, wait toolboy, you’re a habs fan ?

no habs fan here…but at least the photo of the stanley cup with montreal is in color…the last cup toronto won pictures were still in black and white…ahahahahaah


Ahaha lol yes that is a good one

Hello fellow Islanders, I reside in Duncan and work in Campbell River on a 2 week rotation. I just made a post about looking for a used CNC table in western Canada. Never thought the Island content would be so large. If I can’t find one I’ll have to buy from Langmuir so hope you don’t mind if I ask you guys some questions on you experiences and any advice you may have.

Happy to answer any questions you might have. I’m up and running in Qualicum so if you want to come by sometime and take a look, just give me a shout.


Thank you .I will start outside .I was thinking of building a nice sub-frame with good casters for rolling We just built a house with his and hers shops .2000 sq ft each. my thoughts for using my wifes shop is its detached and across the driveway from my shop. She does glass work as a serious hobby ,its not like she is quilting . Mine also has a rental suite above ,so venting out of mine would impact tenants.You have a lot more sunny days in LA.

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Cool .I am still in Victoria .Migrating slowly to Comox as my place becomes ready and my current house in Vic changes hands May 1, I have a lot too move .I also work a 2 week rotation in Northern Alberta which hinders my efforts .Plasma cutting is low on my list but figured i would get the ball rolling .