Hello from the land of Az, the hotbed of everything

“Hey y’all watch this!” Yup I’m diving head first into the world of the CrossFire Pro and my first major experience into forum participation. I have decided to pull the trigger on the very well worn credit card and order me up my very own Pro. I would like to know if anyone has successfully converted their table to a plasma cutter and router combination. If so will it handle running a Port Cable 3.25hp variable speed router or a Port Cable 690 1.5hp router. Has anyone modified their gantry to accept 60" wide material? I’m also running a Lotos LTP8000p pilot arc cutter. It is the best cutter that I can afford and still be able to buy the table. If I can help out anyone don’t hesitate to ask. If any of you reside in the Valley of the Sun (Phx) let’s get together. Thanks Jack

Welcome aboard. I think the general consensus is that the machines aren’t designed for the side loading caused by a router setup, but I haven’t seen that anyone has tried it, so I think that’s mostly speculation based on the design of the system being pretty lightweight due to the non-contact nature of plasma (if all goes well :sweat_smile: ).

Sounds like you’ve got some big plans/ideas/projects. I hope your new machine helps you on your way!