Hello from Tennessee

Ordered the Pro a couple weeks ago and am geared up for a long wait. I asked about the back order before I placed mine and was told it’ll be towards the end of January. Not going to lie, the wait is going to suck.

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we all know the wait sucks…but think…yours is only a couple of months…

When I placed my order it was in October last year…did not get my table till March…even though it was to be delivered in January…then COVID…i delayed it a couple of more weeks…

so your wait from now till January is pretty small…but it is well worth the wait…


I understand the reasons for the back order and don’t have any hard feelings for the manufacturer. They fully explained the reason why before I placed my order. Good thing is the wait will not effect my life in any way. I’ve been pondering buying a small table for a few years now. What’s another couple months.

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great attitude…remember there are a lot of great people here who love to help and there is a lot of information…

What part of Tennessee are you located in?

Northeast of Chattanooga. You?

I am a little east of Nashville. If you ever get up this way and want to take a look at a running table let me know.

Sounds like a plan. What do you mainly use yours for?

Is there a way to track an order. I messaged them through Facebook a couple of times but there is radio silence. I know the back order was estimated for the end of January. I’m just curious if everything is still on track.

for all the people here…no way of tracking is available until they send you notice it is shipped…once that notice goes out you can use the shipping tracking from that company.

the best way to reach them is through the email support…but they are working as fast as they can with the popularity of the system.

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NE TN here :wave:

I talked to them before the purchase and understand the reason for the back order. I’m fully prepared to wait until the end of January for it and am not upset in any way even if it takes a little longer. Like I said before, I’m just curious if everything is still on track.

Just an update. I received 2 of the packages and the last one should be here this Tuesday.

West of Nashville for me. Get ready for an exciting time (sarcasim doesn’t type well) assembling. :wink:

Actually, it should be an exciting time. If you bought a ready to go system you wouldn’t have the opportunity to see how it all goes together. With a kit you not only know, you know where to go when something is out of kilter. Well, this last statement is true only if you pay attention to the parts and what they do. If you just put ‘tab A’ into ‘slot B’ then it will be a drudgery and you won’t learn much from it.

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It would have been more exciting if I was not assembling in a barn, in December and all that that entails. It wasn’t to bad as it was an equipment barn. Just cold. I do agree with you that I very much like that most of the assembly was done by me. I am much more comfortable with the table and modifications to it then if it just came fully assembled in a big crate.


Good thing you’re in TN where is doesn’t get cold :smile:

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Call me a wimp. Mid 20’s in the morning warming up to upper 30’s when I was assembling my precious.

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It was in the 60s today.

I was wrong on my shipment. Still waiting on 1 box.