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I’m planning on getting a Garage Warrior to accurately drill holes and cut into a 3/16" thick steel bar. I’ve never used this type of machine or software before

I don’t know about accurate holes.

There’s going to be taper so you have to oversize the hole so the bottom of it to the right size.

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As @TinWhisperer mentioned, holes are not vertical walls. They are also heat hardened so they’re harder to drill out to an exact dimension. I find using the CrossFire for marking centers with just a peck is the most accurate way to get holes positioned and drilling gets you accurate size.

This is the second time I’ve seen this phrase ‘Garage Warrior’. Where did this term come from? Langmuir Systems makes a number of different CNC Plasma cutting tables and, if you want accurate and timely help, using the exact name of the machine you’re using will help everyone.

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I guess the official name would be: "CrossFire Personal CNC Plasma table:

Given the no-return-after-first-use policy, does anyone happen to have a picture of a hole drilled into 3/6" think steel (or somewhere thereabouts) so we can see how smooth the hole is?

Ok, I am totally gobsmacked! I wasn’t aware that LS is actually advertising this system as the ‘Garage Warrior’. Please accept my apology for thinking this was a colloquial name.

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Check out

Jim Colt is the Guru of Plasma Cutting.

3/16" steel crossfire Pro.

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