Hello From Northern Nevada!


I am a welder and fabricator in Northern Nevada, trying to take my skills and tools to the next level. I’m strongly considering adding a Crossfire Pro to my shop, and leaning toward the Primeweld CUT60DN, as it sounds like they’ve finally worked out all of the electrical interference issues, and I’ve only got a $4,000 budget to get completely up and running. I’m joining this forum ahead of pulling the trigger on the table/machine because I have some questions/concerns about how well suited it may actually be to one of the main uses I have planned. The truth is, I will probably pull the trigger on the Crossfire Pro, regardless, as there are so many potential uses, but I am curious about it’s performance on thin aluminum, specifically.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links, as a newb, but I have a newly created website, with links to my social media platforms (I have a fairly good YouTube following). Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself. Not sure if it is, in fact, a requirement or not, but I always like to go through the process when new to a forum.

Thanks much! Look forward to engaging with some of you, here.




Welcom to the forum and you should get plenty of help here. Lots of knowledgeable people in this group!!


Thanks Dobber! Did I see you followed my Instagram? Thanks for that!

@CrazyCasey nice work!! I am sure I am sure a table will come in handy to you for sure…

Those are some wicked looking rides!

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Thanks Phillip! A lot of cumulative blood/sweat/tears there…but hopefully that will soon be reduced on future projects. :wink:

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