Hello from Kansas!

Hello, After a long day yesterday in my shop and several cold ones I pulled the trigger on the Pro w/THC. Then this morning put in a order for the stand, the machine torch holder, and the hypertherm leads. Looking to order the XP45 with machine torch as soon as I can convince myself it’s worth it. I know it is I just do my crying before the buying. I am super excited. I’m new to CNC so I will be crash coursing and scouring these forums for the foreseeable future. I’m so glad I stumbled across this forum. Anyways hello!

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Welcome to the group! …Lots to learn, but you’re in the right place

welcome to the group…
now the wait…then the build…then the confusion…then the joy…then the fun…

lots of information here…and the little search feature works great…

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Hi KCMatt. I’m also getting ready to purchase my pro table. We may not be far away from each other. I’m in Liberty MO.

Liberty is a 70 minute drive for me. I’m in Paola KS. 25min south of Olathe. Don’t hesitate like I did. Cost me couple hundred extra in procrastination fees, still extremely excited though.

Just placed my order today.

1 hour north of KC by Trenton Mo. High neighbors.

Congrats on the order KCRotary!. Hello jimt. Are you all set up and running or waiting like the rest of us?

I have the 2x2 that i used for a year and then got the Pro about a year ago. Both has been used alot. I havnt used either in a few months. That thing called work is getting in my way latley.

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Dug out an unused laptop, wiped the drives and did a fresh install of windows 10 for a dedicated burn control center. Getting ready to download and install software. I have several prototypes I’m itching to get punched in. Need to pull the parts from the mock-ups and measure them for entry. In reality I’ll probably get the software installed and go upstairs to watch some tutorials since my shop is considerably lees comfortable than my recliner and probably get overwhelmed with the scope of of the software but this is still so exciting!!

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Yeah, work. I have one of those too.:frowning_face:

I dont know if all this is new to you or you have some back ground in it. But Its a learning experience. Lots of head scrratching. But almost anything you can ask is covered here. The magnafying glass top right will give you lots of reading info of other peoples issues and solutions.

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I am new to the CNC side of metal work. I am not however new to the idea of putting in the work to get the results I want. I appreciate the leg up and will use it. I troubleshoot for a living and reading through other peoples problems has sped up my diagnosis times more times than I can count. It’s wild, no matter how crazy my scenario, I’ve found someone has almost always experienced it already. That is why I am here. Side-note: if your ever free on a weekend and would be open to some “similar interest” company I would love to see one of these machines in action and pick your brain a little. I would gladly bring some metal and refreshments. I can cram in the info but I really soak it up in person. Anyways just a thought. I’m OK with it either way. Maybe KCRotary would be down to join in too.

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If i ever get a break from work you or anyone is welcome to come check it out. Im on call 24/7 right now and the last thing i want is to say sure come on up then i get called to work and leave someone hanging after an hour or 2 drive. But…BUT If i ever get to take a couple days vacation and accidently misplace my phone under the sofa…game on!

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Boy do I know the struggle. Some days I feel like all I do is work. If you ever see any off time that you’d be willing to share coming up let me know.


I grew up in Winston. Graduated in 1981.

I down with that if jimt is. I live near Kearney MO so I’m about 1/2 hour from jimt.

As soon as i catch a break at work we can all get together and make some scrap iron at my place. Only had to work 12 hours today.

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Bit late to the party.
I’m in KCK, so looks like I’m pretty close to a few others. I’m on the list and got one box so far, so not up and going yet but looking forward to it.
Been working on a shop remodel and it looks like I might still be working on that for a few more weeks anyway. Dang cost-effective CNC plasma turned into a fortune! But the shop will be a pleasure to work in soon, so it’s worth it.