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Hello All,

After much reading and some mild deliberation I pulled the trigger on a XR. The unit showed up a few months back. I just didn’t have the time to get it setup.n Today was the last day of the build. Ya! I am leveraging the razor weld 45amp. It should be a good starting point for what we have planned. Looking forward to getting up to speed and making some sparks.

Tomorrow will be the first run on some .dxf files I have. Super stoked!



Welcome to the forum. You’ll get plenty of help here and there is a special contact number for XR specific support on the product page.

Welcome to the forum.
Lots of good here. be sure to post some of your work.

Ha, a neighbor.

Up the road in Chino Hills with a Crossfire Pro.

Welcome to the machine.

Right on. Well I’m sure I’ll be asking questions. Right now I’ve filled the water table and started re-reading how to get a .DXF file into Gcode and then into fire control. I’m beyond a noob here.

Reading reading reading.

Reading is the path to knowledge for sure.

What software are you using?

Well I’ve followed the Langmuir advice todate.

I’ve got sheetcam and just got done setting it up with the profiles provided off the site.

Now I have a few DFX files from the Langmuir free site and I’m going to burn some “f-bomb” bottle openers as a learning effort.

Now I’m trying to figure out what’s next.

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F-Bomb seems to be a popular first cut.

I wish I could help. I am using Fusion 360 for my CAM (g code).

Use the magnifying glass at the top of this forum. Search “sheetcam” There a lot of links to YouTube videos. I hear Archlight is very good.

I’m thinking that fusion360 might be a splmaterer play for me. If I have to go learn new software anyways. Seems the fusion360 has some other advantages. Imports or images, etc etc.

What was the main reason for your choice?

Assemblies, Sheet Metal, collaboration, lots of support.

I just my first part! Wow the ole F-Bomb! Haha.

Now I’ve got to figure out how to set the starting points (home) of the materials. Because it cut out in the middle instead closer to the edge. Little bit of waste like that goes along way. Lol

So cool though stoked to get more experience on it.


Zero all axis button is an orange “button” on the right side of the screen in fire control.

I usually set the program origin in the lower left hand corner and zero all axis in the lower left hand corner of the table. To do this you would jog to the bottom left of the table and zero all axis.

Go to work zero is a blue “button” on the left side in fire control.

Also on the left side is a option to change the program origin… which you set in as part of the cam process of whatever cam program you are using.

Some work from the top of the sheet down some do the opposite it is a personal preference.


I’ve seen the zero’s and done so. But the part itself is in the middle of the plate (material).

I’ve got to figure out how to for a lack of better terms “drag” it to the edge of the plate (materials).

Which I believe you are describing at the tail
of this info.

Seems sheetcam would have the setting somewhere prior to building the Gcode. Material = 10” wide by 36” long and .120 thick. Grabe part slide to edge, duplicate etc.

Bet it’s the program origin stuff.

again in my head. Got to figure it out.

I am not a sheet cam user. If it were Fusion I could tell you were to do it. Lots of sheet cam users on here that will jump in and show you how to do it.

As I said you can also set the program origin in fire control. Look for it on the lower portion of the left hand side. When you click set program origin several green squares will pop up. You can click which location you want to be the program origin.

Sorry I am away from my table or I would screen shot it for you.

Figured it out. With insheet cam there are tools that can be selected. Grabbed the one with crosshairs and selected all, drag part to edge of the material. C/V it a couple of times. Cutting several in a row now.


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Btw this is one of the best forums I’ve ever had the pleasure to interact with.


Program Origin is my next thing to try. Got to have more then one way to correct things.


Welcome to the forum!! Post some pics of your cuts. Always good seeing projects even learning projects.

These are what I ran tonight. I did get a error about THC not sensing voltage right at the end of the cut. So will watch for that.


I’m wondering if this is a programming error or did the sheet get bumped?

@Waterkc welcome to the forums

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