Hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Howdy everyone,

New to cnc plasma but lots of experience with cnc routing. I manufacture alot of wood and steel combination products. I do alot of sliding barn doors, coffee tables, dining table and signage. Hopefully the crossfire pro will dramatically increase my work flow and drop my cost associated with out sourcing some steel parts. So far my experience with Langmuir has been less than luke warm. Lots of shipping issues to Canada. Large bill for duty at the border. Damaged parts. Missing parts and parts not labeled properly and in the wrong packages. Customer service has been totally non existent. Im definitely hoping the machine works good because the startup experience has been poor. Anyone else had similar experiences? Anyone else in Canada?

I live in Ottawa…so I understand the taxes and duty at the border…to be expected.

damaged parts…contact langmuir support by email…I had a damaged water table and they shipped a new one the following day…I had my PCB blow…3 days later I had a new one.

mislabeled…that is the first time I head that…wow…

Customer service…email support at Langmuir…they have been fantastic with 90% of the people here…thee is the odd missed issue…but it is quickly resolved when pointed out.

a for who is in Canada there is a crossfire owners map…I know of at least 3 people within an hour of me with a table.

read the forus…there is a lot of advice…and do not be afraid to ask…we are either grumpy old men or happy old men…actually I am the only grumpy old man…hahahahaha

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Thanks for the info! Honestly im not an email person. I called them a couple times about issues and felt the customer service was pretty weak. Hopefully i dont have future issues and dont need to call them anymore.

we have found they are not best at phone calls…this place is wondeful…I knew nothing when I bought my table…and now…I know a little more than nothing…hahahaha…

seriously…they people here are an incredible source of help and information…and Langmuir (Daniel) are oftem jumping in with help.


Hey, Im from Newfoundland and I know the border fees are abit much but everything I received was wrapped will and nothing missing, I get on daily or every other day usually to research and see what people modify to improve the table. I never had to contact them so i dont know what their customer service is like, but the people here are really helpful.

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Yup…I found them great

Hey guys, really interested in ordering a pro table. However I’m worried about the duties and taxes. How much did you guys pay on top of price to get across the border? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.

I got mine last April and duties and taxes were $537cdn when it was shipped to me.

I’m North of you, in Grande Prairie. I bought my whole setup used for $2800. Looked relatively new. I’ve talked with customer service once, they weren’t much help, but the tech department was great.

It cost us about $300 on top of everything else. Also Langmuir does not does not have the customs agent setup with UPS so the machine will come to the border then sit there until UPS phones you and asks who your border agent is. Then when you respond befuddled UPS will offer to be your border agent for an additional fee.

northern ontario here & everything seems fine with mine, 560ish at the border for duties & one little bend on my support plate but that f all.

About to wire up my machine and HOPEFULLY make my first cut today, cheers everyone.

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